Computer and I.T. Solutions.

Phone Consultation

Don't know what you need for your electronics project? Is your pc giving you issues and you need immediate results to complete a work assignment? If you are needing a technical-minded person to assist you via the phone rather than a house call, I offer a 30-minute phone consultation.

Hardware and Software

I will repair every brand name, make, model, laptop, desktop, and all-in-one computers no matter the age or where you purchased it.  From Apple, Acer, Alienware, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, to Custom Build Machines. I offer logical solutions to complicated computer problems and will provide you the practical parts & quality services for PC, Mac, & Linux Systems.


Data Recovery Services

I can recover all the files and folders you want. I have the tools and the knowledge to get your data recovered quickly and efficiently. Most data recovery services are completed the same day. In the event of mechanical failure, you can opt for 3rd party recovery services.


Virus Removal Services

I will identify visible, hidden low, mid, and high-risk malicious software, viruses, and files. I will remove them manually and scan your computer’s memory and hard drives for security threats. I will inform you about how to avoid future infections. Most malicious software removal services are completed the same day.


OS Repair Services

Suddenly your computer won’t boot? No problem I have seen and fixed these issues for years.

An update didn’t install correctly, a virus damaged your operating system, or maybe a part is going bad? I will quickly identify and fix operating system issues and bring your machine back to life.


Screen Repair Services

Screens break all the time. No panic, we can replace your screen and you’ll have your machine back to new.

With ordering your screen the shipping time differs from where it’s being shipped next day up 5 days.

I might need to see your machine to give an exact cost of repair since, even the same model machines may have different screens, refresh rates, or resolutions.


System Upgrade Services

Is your laptop or desktop computer running slow? It’s getting outdated? Not to worry, I can upgrade your current system so you don’t have to buy a new computer. Most upgrades cost much less than buying a new system. I will give you a variety of options for upgrades to make it zippy like the first day.


Computer Training

Do you have a piece of equipment that you don’t know how to use, or are you wanting to learn how to do more with what you have? I offer one-on-one training sessions to get you up to snuff in the digital age.


Cell Phone and Tablet Repairs

If you damaged your screen, need a battery to replaced that isn’t accessible, or need help troubleshooting and optimizing your device. I will evaluate your issues and advise you of the cost and time for repair.


Home Electronics

Looking for a new home theater solution? Got a new security camera system and need it configured and setup? I work with a wide variety of home electronics and will get your systems started for you to enjoy with peace of mind.



Web Site Development

Feel like your page is something that was left in the 1990s? Do you need help with a fresh new design to enrich your web presence? I will work with you to research, design, and develop a site to meet your needs and requirements.


Web Site Administration

Is your web content a bit stale lately? Not enough time to infuse new content into your site frequently? I will work with you on keeping your site up to date with your business needs.